Revolutionize Your Telegram Experience with Stories

Revolutionize Your Telegram Experience with Stories
  • Telegram introduces Stories: Control who sees, add captions/tags, and choose the duration.
  • Stories boost profiles: Discover more content, channel exposure, and viral potential.
  • Available in early July: Transforming Telegram into a more social platform.

In a recent statement, Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram, found out exciting news for customers of the messaging app. Starting in early July, Telegram will introduce a brand new feature called “Stories”. This addition comes in response to a popular call, as users have been inquiring about it for quite a while. Interestingly, extra than half of the function requests acquired by Telegram are related to Stories.

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Although the enterprise become, to begin with hesitant, thinking that Stories are already popular on other structures, they decided to listen to their customers. With Stories on Telegram, customers could have control over who can see their testimonies. You can select to percentage your Stories with anybody, simplest your contacts, a pick few individuals, or a list of close pals. These Stories will seem in an expandable segment at the top of your chat list. If you wish to cover Stories from particular contacts, you may move them to the “Hidden” listing in your Contacts phase rather than the primary display.

To enhance your Stories, Telegram gives diverse alternatives. You can add captions and hyperlinks, as well as tag different human beings for your Stories. Additionally, Telegram allows you to concurrently post photographs and videos eager about each of the front and rear cameras, just like the popular BeReal fashion. One unique characteristic of Telegram’s Stories is the potential to determine once they expire. You can set your Stories to final for six, 12, 24, or 48 hours. Alternatively, you can pick out to completely show Stories for your profile page, just like Instagram’s Story highlights.

According to Durov, saving Stories to the profile web page will make Telegram profiles extra vibrant and informative. Users could be able to discover greater content from their closest contacts and discover additional data about individuals they connect with in businesses or channel feedback. Furthermore, channels on Telegram will gain from improved exposure and subscribers. Once the capability to repost messages from channels to Stories is released, attaining viral fame on Telegram will become tons less complicated.

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During internal checks, even the skeptics on the Telegram crew began to appreciate the Story’s characteristics. Durov expressed that Telegram can not envision the messaging provider without it. The Stories characteristic is currently in its very last trying-out section and can be to be had to customers in early July. Durov believes that this addition will mark a brand new generation for Telegram, remodeling it into a greater social platform than ever before.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the new feature being introduced on Telegram?

Telegram is introducing a new feature called “Stories.”

When will the Stories feature be available?

The Stories feature will be available in early July.

How can users control who sees their Stories on Telegram?

Users can choose to share their Stories with anyone, their contacts, select individuals, or a list of close friends.

Where will the Stories appear on Telegram?

The Stories will appear in an expandable section at the top of the chat list.

Can users hide Stories from specific contacts?

Yes, users can move specific contacts to the “Hidden” list in the Contacts section to hide Stories from them.

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