Samsung Addresses Bug in R Series Wireless Speakers

Samsung Addresses Bug in R Series Wireless Speakers
  • Samsung fixes the wireless speaker boot loop issue.
  • Third-party server update resolves the problem.
  • Reset speakers for network setup.

Some of you may remember the current Samsung Wi-Fi speaker systems trend from the R collection. Fortunately, Samsung has identified the cause of the issue and confirmed that it has been fixed.

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Last week, it was reported that users were experiencing boot loop issues with Samsung’s multi-room wireless speakers, specifically the R1, R Lite, R3, and R6 models, after a vulnerability disabled access or temporarily access traffic to certain destinations associated with Deezer and iHeart. However, the latter hampers the performance of the speakers.

Thankfully, a Samsung Community employee provided an alternative to the problem and added relevant information for the customers involved. According to the administrators, the problem has been fixed by changing the third birthday party content for servers. While specific details on the cause have not been released at the moment, it appears that the Deezer and iHeart APIs not working properly are related to the issue. Now that the issue has been fixed, Samsung recommends that users whose speakers were blocked are not new local systems to access online.

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Users must reconfigure their audio system to initiate the local configuration process. This can be done with the help of disconnecting and reconnecting the tool’s power source, followed by pressing the volume up and down buttons on the device itself without delay, rather than for as far as 6 seconds, after which the speaker should begin its reset cycle. Follow these steps. You can make it to a daily operating environment.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What was the issue with Samsung wireless speaker systems from the R series?

The speakers from the R series were getting stuck in a boot loop.

How was the issue resolved in Samsung wireless speaker systems?

An update was made to the third-party content provider’s server.

Can the speakers now be used normally?

The problem has been fixed, and the speakers are functioning properly.

What should users do if they had blocked their speakers from accessing the internet?

They should perform a new network setup by resetting the speakers.

How can the speakers be reset?

Users need to disconnect the device from the power source, reconnect it, and press and hold the volume up and down buttons on the device for approximately 6 seconds.

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