Samsung And Tesla Partner To Revolutionize EV Industry

Samsung And Tesla Partner To Revolutionize EV Industry
  • Samsung and Tesla are working together to develop HW 5.0 chips for autonomous EVs.
  • Lee Jae-yong’s meeting reinforces cooperation with fair contract values.
  • Samsung shows Level-4 autonomous testing, 200 km without human intervention

Tesla’s vision of creating fully autonomous electric vehicles may be realized in the coming years thanks to a partnership with Samsung Electronics. According to industry insiders cited by KED Global, Samsung will play a crucial role in manufacturing Tesla’s Hardware 5 (HW 5.0) chip, a key component for achieving full autonomy. It should be noted that Samsung is not the only chipmaker given this opportunity.

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The HW 5.0 chip developed by Tesla is expected to power fully autonomous electric vehicles within the next three to four years. To ensure the success of this ambitious project, Tesla has decided to collaborate with both Samsung and TSMC, another leading chip manufacturer. While TSMC was already on board to produce HW 5.0 chips, Tesla’s decision to engage Samsung is driven by the logistical advantage of having multiple suppliers.

By diversifying its chip production, Tesla aims to mitigate potential supply chain challenges and ensure a steady flow of necessary components. The recent meeting between Lee Jae-Yong, a prominent figure at Samsung, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk played a significant role in solidifying the partnership. In May, Lee Jae-Yong visited Tesla to strengthen the existing collaboration between the two companies.

During the meeting, reports suggest that Lee Jae-yong presented Elon Musk with favorable contract terms for the HW 5.0 chip, which Tesla found too appealing to refuse. This development further enhanced the partnership and cemented Samsung’s involvement in Tesla’s autonomous vehicle project. Tesla’s ultimate goal is to achieve Level-5 automation, the highest level of vehicle autonomy, which requires no human attention or interaction in any driving scenario. The HW 5.0 chips are a crucial component in realizing this ambition.

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Notably, Samsung has already showcased its expertise in autonomous driving technology. In May, the Samsung R&D team at SAIT successfully completed Level-4 independent testing, operating an electric vehicle for a test distance of nearly 200km without driver interference. This accomplishment was propelled by the state-of-the-art growth of SAIT-cutting automation algorithms.

In summary, Tesla and Samsung developed HW 5.0 chips. Their collaboration signifies a significant stride towards completely independent electric vehicles. By involving various chip suppliers, Tesla aims to guarantee a smooth supply chain and expedite the realization of Level-5 automation. The advantageous conditions of the Lee Jae-yong agreement further fortify the partnership, indicating Samsung’s dedication to supporting Tesla’s vision. Samsung’s proficiency in autonomous vehicle technology presents a promising future for self-driving electric vehicles.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

Who is manufacturing Tesla’s HW 5.0 chip?

Samsung Electronics and TSMC are both involved in manufacturing HW 5.0 chips for Tesla.

When will Tesla’s HW 5.0 chip enable fully autonomous EVs?

Industry officials estimate it will take around 3 to 4 years.

Why did Tesla partner with Samsung for the chip?

The partnership offers logistical benefits and favorable contract prices for Tesla, proposed by Samsung.

What is Level-5 automation?

Level-5 automation is a state where vehicles can perform all driving tasks without human intervention.

How did Samsung demonstrate its expertise in autonomous driving?

Samsung’s R&D team successfully conducted a Level-4 autonomous test, where a vehicle drove nearly 200km without driver intervention.

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