Samsung ditches Google for Bing as AI ‘Magi’ search

Samsung ditches Google for Bing as AI 'Magi' search
  • Google is working on an AI search engine called ‘Magi’ to upgrade their existing system, set to launch in May.
  • Magi will have the ability to answer Software Coding and Logic and Math problems.
  • Samsung recently announced Bing as their primary AI search engine.

The fast-paced world of AI is witnessing a fierce competition among big tech corporations to integrate AI into their systems. A crucial goal is to revolutionize search engines through AI search capabilities, and companies like Google and Bing are already in the race, actively developing their projects.

Google is allegedly working on a new project code named ‘Magi.’ Magi is a new AI developed by Google to upgrade their already existing search engine supposedly. However, Google had its fair share of problems when Samsung suddenly decided to ditch Google for Bing as an AI search engine.

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Magi is a project inspired by magic and sorcery to compliment the poetic name sense of ‘Bard‘ Google’s own AI. Google believes that Magi would revolutionize the AI system with its abilities as mythical as sorcery and magic.

According to Google, Magi would allow users to search for terms such as “Write code or answer questions regarding software coding” Google has no problem as it already has incorporated PaLM (Pathways Language Model) in its AI models for better logic and maths problems.

Google Magi

Magi Launch Date

Currently, Google has employed over 160 tech engineers, designers, and executives to work on Magi and its development. Google is willing to give its all to release this project as soon as possible.

The expected launch date of Magi is in May, which seems like I/O Google. More features and future roadmap would be displayed alongside its launch. The initial launch is rumored to be restricted to just US for 1 million users. Later the restrictions could be leeway to 30 million users.

According to sources, the last March, Samsung announced its contract with Bing. The contract was to assign Bing as their primary AI search engine. Samsung is a big fish. To let this fish off the hook would result in Google in a whopping loss of over 3$ Billion annually.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magi?

Magi is an AI project developed by Google to upgrade its existing search engine.

What can Magi do?

Magi will be able to answer logic and math problems and allow users to search for terms such as Write code or answer questions regarding software coding.

Is Google Alexa an AI?

Yes, Google Alexa is powered by Artificial Intelligence.

What is AI used for?

AI is used to automate the work of humans without any instructions. AI is also used to Automate tedious and boring tasks.

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