Samsung Galaxy S24 to Ditch One Camera – Leak

Samsung Galaxy S24 to Ditch One Camera - Leak
  • Samsung is rumored to merge a 3x telephoto lens with a 10x periscope unit in future S series phones.
  • The S25 series is expected to feature a 200MP camera.
  • Galaxy S24 is also expected to come out with an Exynos chip alongside Snapdragon 8.

Since the launch of the Samsung S21 series, Samsung has always been Launching their S series phones with two secondary cameras, One of which is a 3x telescope unit and the other is a 10x periscope telephone unit. But last December, some leaks suggested that it would not be the case in upcoming years Samsung Galaxy S24.

According to a Twitter Tipster, Revengus, Samsung is going to drop the 3x telephoto lens and is going to merge it into the 3x-10x folded periscope telephoto unit. Meanwhile, the tipster also gave some other news regarding some of the changes in specs too.

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Revengus, the Twitter tipster, also hinted at the S25 series as well. The S25 series is to launch with a new 200MP technology. Which in itself is quite a feat. The phone will also be rocking a 3 nm 2500 Exynos chip alongside Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 for plus models.

The inclusion of the Exynos chip left a bad taste in the mouths of tech enthusiasts. Exynos is known for degrading performance as compared to the Snapdragon. It is also not well received by Samsung fans as well.

Although this news is coming from multiple sources, take this for granted for nothing, as Samsung can always flip the table and change its future roadmap. Samsung Galaxy S24 launch is still very far away in the future, so till then, take every piece of news with a pinch of salt, as anything could change.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Galaxy S24 come out?

The Galaxy S24 is expected to launch in February 2024.

What are the specs for Galaxy S24?

Galaxy S24 series with come with Exynos 2500 4nm chip alongside snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It will come with 16 GB ram and 512 GB storage.

Is Samsung Galaxy S24 worth it?

Absolutely, Samsung Flagships are always worth the value, especially when it comes to the S series.

How is Samsung Galaxy S24 compared to Apple iPhone 15?

Samsung Galaxy S24 is on par with the Apple iPhone 15; the end choice depends on users’ preference as they are both similar in performance.

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