Samsung takes the lead: Android’s largest tablet company

Samsung takes the lead
  • Samsung tops the Android tablet market, second only to Apple.
  • The decline in tablet sales for both Samsung and Apple.
  • Samsung to launch three premium tablets; competition grows.

Samsung has just gained the crown of being the largest Android tablet company leaving behind every competitor in the Android market. The tech giant is one behind Apple, although both Samsung and Apple observed a decline in numbers.

Compared to last year, we can see that there is a decline in tablet sales in quarter 1 of 2023. Similarly, Apple has also observed a decline in its tablet sales. These numbers are reported by International Data Corporation(IDC);

International Data Corporation

These numbers also show that Apple and Samsung combinedly have a 53.6% share of the tablet market, making both the toughest competitor for the others.

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The decline in demand can be for a couple of reasons; one is vendors are focusing on clearing out old inventory to be prepared for newer models, and obviously, older models have less demand in the market. Another reason is that post-pandemic people are very precautionary about their expenditures.

Players like Oppo, Relame, Vivo, OnePlus, and even Google are set to launch their tablets this year. This is good news for consumers because they can now see more variety of tablets. Samsung has nothing to worry about this because they have planned to launch three premium tablets this year.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

Who is currently the largest Android tablet company?

Samsung is currently the largest Android tablet company

What has been observed in tablet sales for both Samsung and Apple?

Samsung & apple both have faced a Decline in the number of sales.

What share of the tablet market do Apple and Samsung collectively hold?

Collectively Apple and Samsung have a 53.6% market share.

Why has there been a decline in tablet demand?

Clearing out old inventory and cautious spending post-pandemic.

How many premium tablets does Samsung plan to launch this year?

Samsung is planning to launch 3 premium tablets this year.

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