Samsung’s Next Big Thing: A Foldable that’s Not a Phone?

Samsung's Next Big Thing: A Foldable Device that's Not a Phone?
  • Samsung may launch a new foldable tablet lineup called “Z Tab.”
  • According to Twitter tipster Revegnus, it could launch alongside the Samsung S9 Tablet.
  • It may feature the hybrid foldable and tri-foldable technology seen in Samsung’s Fold series concepts.

The closer we are getting to the launch of the Samsung S9 Tablet. The more Samsung is teasing us with the potentially new big things. This latest teaser, however, was released by a Twitter tipster Revegnus. He stated that Samsung might launch a brand new series of their Tablet lineup. This new Tab series would be called “Z Tab.” 

Yeah, you heard it right, Z Tab. This new Z Tab lineup would also be foldable like Samsung’s Galaxy Z fold and Z flip series. As for its release date, we have a few rumors. According to Revegnus, Z Tab would most likely launch alongside S9 Tab. But even if it didn’t launch this year, it will be coming out next year. 

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From the design perspective, we have only speculations and no confirmations. The Z tab may use the technology that Samsung once displayed in its Fold series Concepts. The Hybrid foldable and the Tri foldable tech can be introduced through this new Z Tab series. 

To conclude, The new Z Tab series may launch alongside the Galaxy S9 Tab release. The new Z Tab will be a foldable Tab that could utilize the Hybrid and Tri Fold technology. It is still just speculation. There is no confirmed news yet.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Z Tab be foldable?

Yes, like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip series, the Z Tab will also be foldable.

Will the Z Tab replace Samsung’s current tablet lineup?

No, the Z Tab will be a completely different lineup, just like how Z Fold and Flip are different from the S series.

When is the Z Tab launching?

The Z Tab may launch alongside the Samsung S9 Tablet. If not, it will likely come out next year.

What technology might the Z Tab use?

Z Tab may use the hybrid foldable and tri-foldable technology seen in Samsung’s Fold series concepts.

What is the Z Tab?

The Z Tab is a potential new foldable tablet lineup from Samsung, according to a Twitter tipster.

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