Samsung’s Quick Share Bridges Samsung and Windows Devices

Samsung's Quick Share Bridges Samsung and Windows Devices
  • Samsung Quick Share: Transfers files between Samsung and Windows devices.
  • Quick Share is now compatible with non-Samsung Windows PCs.
  • Requires Intel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers for functionality.

In April 2021, Samsung released an app called Quick Share for Windows operating machines. This reachable device enables seamless Wi-Fi document transfers among Samsung laptops and Android devices, making it exceptionally handy to trade documents across these systems.

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However, at the time, the Quick Share app was simplest compatible with Samsung laptops, preventing users with non-Samsung Windows devices from putting in it. But now, there is desirable information! Samsung has released an updated model of the Quick Share app for Windows (v1.4.40). The app’s changelog states that it now supports Windows PCs from different manufacturers.

In different words, you may now install the Quick Share app on non-Samsung laptops and desktops, allowing you to results easily transfer files between your Samsung cellphone or tablet and any Windows gadget. However, there is a small requirement to keep in mind. According to the changelog, Quick Share will handiest function on Windows gadgets with Intel’s Bluetooth driver model 22.50.02 or higher, in addition to Intel’s Wi-Fi driving force model 22.50.07 or better.

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This means that the app will solely work with Windows gadgets prepared with Intel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cards. Unfortunately, in case your Windows machine has a community card from a one-of-a-kind producer, such as MediaTek, you might not be capable of installing Quick Share. This problem can be disappointing for some users. Nevertheless, it’s well worth noting that Quick Share isn’t always the simplest solution for shifting documents between Windows and Android. Alternatives like Microsoft Phone Link and Google Nearby Share also permit Wi-Fi report transfers between those platforms.

These apps offer comparable capability to Quick Share. So, even if your Windows tool isn’t compatible with Quick Share, you can still utilize different options and may not be lacking in any important capabilities. It might be extraordinary if Samsung had made the app available for all Windows gadgets, but happily, there are possible options to explore.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is Quick Share for Windows?

Quick Share is an app developed by Samsung that enables wireless file transfers between Samsung laptops and Android devices.

Can I use Quick Share on non-Samsung Windows devices?

Yes, Samsung has released an updated version of Quick Share that supports Windows PCs from other manufacturers.

Are there any requirements for using Quick Share on Windows devices?

Yes, Quick Share requires Intel’s Bluetooth driver version 22.50.02 or higher and Intel’s Wi-Fi driver version 22.50.07 or higher to function on Windows devices.

What if my Windows device has a network card from a different manufacturer?

If your Windows device has a network card from a manufacturer other than Intel, such as MediaTek, Quick Share will not be compatible with your device.

Are there alternative methods for transferring files between Windows and Android?

Yes, you can use alternative options like Microsoft Phone Link and Google Nearby Share for wireless file transfers between Windows and Android.

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