Snapchat Dark Mode: Android Users Charged $4?

Snapchat's Dark Mode: Android Users Charged $4?
  • Snapchat introduced a paid subscription for Android users to access the Dark Mode feature.
  • This feature has been available for free on iPhones for a while.
  • Fans are disappointed and hoping Snapchat will reconsider this decision.

Snapchat new update leaks showed something which bewildered the fans. Snapchat has always been notoriously known for its unique updates and features, which revolutionize certain industries or markets. 

Snapchat introduced the disappearing messages and media files feature way back 2 or 3 years ago. Which has now gone on to become a staple for almost every messaging app. 

One thing that has been ticking users for a long time is there is no support for Dark Mode in Snapchat. Where almost every other social media app has Dark Mode enabled in their settings, Snapchat is still stuck on the flashy and bright old Light mode. 

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Just when fans heard the news of Snapchat introducing Dark Mode, it made them exhilarated, but Snapchat did a bummer and disappointed its fans. Although they did introduce the Dark Mode, it was only for paid users.

Snapchat is going to introduce a premium subscription for only 3.99$ per month to its users; this subscription will include premium features only available to those with the subscription. One of these premium features is Snapchat Dark Mode. 

Alessandro Paluzzi, a Twitter leaker, recently posted a tweet regarding this leak and gave his points.

What’s even more interesting is that iPhone users have had this feature available to them for free for a while now. Imagine being an Android Snapchat user and seeing that your counterpart has free access to a thing for which you have to pay. It would be quite an interesting expression.

But thankfully, Snapchat is still testing the waters with this leak, and hopefully, they will get it right otherwise, they will have to stay ready for the backlash.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Dark Mode on Snapchat?

Yes, there is a Dark Mode available for Snapchat on Android, but it’s only for those with premium subscriptions.

Is dark mode better for your eyes?

The dark mode is known to reduce blue light. Blue light is very bad for eyesight.

Why do people like dark mode?

Reduces Eye Strain and helps relieve stress.

Does light mode drain the battery?

Its still a myth without any solid prove or fact.

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