Stay Ahead of the Weather with the upcoming Google App

Stay Ahead of the Weather with the upcoming Google App
  • Google launching a standalone Weather app for Android and Wear OS.
  • Weather forecasts are integrated into the Clock app with notifications.
  • Material You design update for Android’s Google Weather.

Navigating weather updates on Android phones has always been a bit of a chore since there isn’t a dedicated app for it. You can only access weather forecasts through the Google app. However, Google made strides by launching a standalone Weather app for their Wear OS platform last year. Now, we’ve learned that they are planning to bring a similar app to Android phones and tablets.

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The news of this development was discovered within the Google Clock app’s 7.5 version by tech news outlet, 9to5Google. The report indicates that a separate Weather app could be in the works, functioning independently from the main Google app. Given that Wear OS got this app in 2022, it seems it’s finally the turn of Android devices to get a similar upgrade, although the wait has been quite long.

While it’s still unclear when this feature will become widely available, the presence of a reference to a “” package in the Google Clock app’s code suggests it might be released after the Google Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold, which are due to launch in a month. It seems that the weather forecasts could be part of the Clock app, improving user experience. There might also be a widget for this on the Clock’s home screen.

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With this new feature, the Clock app could display weather conditions for each city you’ve added. Information like maximum/minimum temperatures and general weather conditions could also be included. 9to5Google mentions that the Clock app will have notifications for various weather conditions like Clear days, Blizzards, Very hot, Tropical storms or hurricanes, Flurries, Low visibility, and Nighttime isolated scattered thunderstorms, among others. Interacting with the weather info on the Clock app might take users to the new standalone Weather app.

Android’s Google Weather hasn’t always been the focus of attention, though it recently received an update with the Material You design, bringing it in line with other Google apps like Google News. We hope that the forthcoming Weather app, as a standalone application, will enjoy regular updates and user interface improvements just like other main Google apps. The 7.5 version of the Google Clock app is currently available on the Google Play Store and APKMirror.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What did Google launch for Wear OS?

Google launched a standalone Weather app for Wear OS.

What improvement is coming to Android devices?

Google is planning to bring a standalone Weather app to Android devices.

When will the Weather app be released?

The release date is unclear but may come after the launch of the Google Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold in a month.

What functionality will the Clock app gain with the Weather app?

The Clock app will display weather conditions for added cities, including temperatures and general weather. It will also have weather notifications.

What update did Android’s Google Weather receive?

Android’s Google Weather received a Material You design update.

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