Stocks, Shows, and News with Google Widgets on Android

Stocks and Shows with Android's New Widgets Era
  • Google adds stock, TV, and news widgets to Android.
  • Two new Google News widgets debut in version 5.82.
  • Widgets now display more news details, easier to add.

A few days ago Google added some new features on Android. Two interesting features among these are new widgets that are Android users can now track stock prices on their home screens, recommendations about television shows and movies to stream on Google TV and receive the latest news through Google news App.

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Two new Google News widgets will replace the current solitaire Google News widget. These two news widgets will be available with version 5.82 of the app. A couple of images showing these two new widgets in use were tweeted by the editor of the Google News Telegram Channel, Nail Sadykov.

According to this one widget will be a Quick View widget with 2×2 in size which will provide limited information about one story. On the other hand, the second widget will be 4×3 in size and is called the List view widget. It will show you two headlines with small images of the story, unlike the current widget that shows limited information. Once you receive the Google News app version 5.82 on your Android, you can then opt to add a larger or smaller news widget to your home screen depending on your choice.

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You can always check which app version you are using in-app info. To check go to settings, go to app settings, scroll down until you see the Google News app, tap on it, and check the app info.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What new features has Android received?

Android now has widgets for stock tracking, Google TV recommendations, and Google News.

What’s new with the Google News widget?

Google News has two new widgets, available from version 5.82.

What is the Quick View widget?

It’s a 2×2 widget providing brief info on one story.

What is the List View widget?

This 4×3 widget shows two detailed headlines with images.

How to check my Google News app version?

In settings, tap Google News in app settings and check the info.

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