Surface Duo Unleashed, Android 13 ROM Emerges unofficially

Surface Duo Unleashed, Android 13 ROM Emerges unofficially
  • Surface Duo gets an unofficial Android 13 ROM from a former Microsoft engineer.
  • Custom ROM recognizes postures but lacks UI customization.
  • Not officially supported, tested on 1st-gen Duo.

The Surface Duo from Microsoft is a unique cellular tool with dual screens, running on the Android working device. It turned into released before Google had carried out significant assistance for twin-screen hardware on Android. To deal with this, Microsoft delivered several custom functions to aid their very own apps, services, and other twin-display functionalities.

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While Microsoft frequently gives protection updates for the Surface Duo, they have been really gradual in turning in new versions of Android. The most recent good-sized replacement turned in August 2022 whilst Android 12L turned into released for the Surface Duo. However, an unofficial custom ROM has now emerged, allowing users to install Android thirteen on the device. This custom ROM has evolved through Thai Nguyen, a software engineer who changed into formerly a part of the Surface Duo group at Microsoft from 2018 to 2022.

It’s essential to word that this ROM is an unbiased undertaking and no longer officially supported by Microsoft. According to Nguyen, the Android 13 ROM builds upon the work of the Pixel Experience custom ROM team but includes additional modifications precise to the Surface Duo. These adjustments allow the device to recognize unique postures and decide whether one or both displays are being used. It’s really worth mentioning that this ROM continues to be within the early tiers of improvement and lacks sizeable personal interface customization. It does now not presently account for the device’s hinge, which means certain UI factors may be hidden while using the Surface Duo in dual-display mode. Additionally, there are recognized problems with this ROM that users must be privy to.

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Nonetheless, it’s thrilling to peer unbiased developers who bring new software to older devices in advance of professional releases, in particular when the developer has previously enjoyed running for the device’s producer. For those interested, download links, set up commands, and in addition, details about the Pixel Experience GSI for Surface Duo may be determined in a thread at the xda-builders forum. Please note that this ROM has simplest been tested on the primary-era Surface Duo and will probably require extra paintings to characterize well on the second-technology model.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the Surface Duo Custom ROM with Android 13?

It is an unofficial custom operating system developed by Thai Nguyen, a former Microsoft software engineer, allowing users to install Android 13 on the Surface Duo.

Does Microsoft officially support this custom ROM?

No, the custom ROM is an independent project and is not officially supported by Microsoft.

What modifications does the custom ROM have?

The custom ROM builds upon the Pixel Experience custom ROM and includes additional modifications specific to the Surface Duo, enabling recognition of postures and dual-screen usage.

Are there any limitations or issues with this custom ROM?

The ROM is still in early development and lacks substantial interface customization. It does not currently account for the device’s hinge, which may hide certain UI elements in dual-display mode. There are also known issues that users should be aware of.

Can this custom ROM be installed on all Surface Duo models?

The ROM has only been tested on the first-generation Surface Duo and may require additional work to function properly on the second-generation model.

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