The Pixel excitement continues – launching in India

Google Pixel 7a
  • Google Pixel 7a is launching in India on May 11th, available on Flipkart.
  • Rumored to be priced at $500, which may result in a disappointing customer response.
  • The announcement was made via a blurred photo on Twitter with a unique blue color, indicating it is the Pixel 7a.

Google India has confirmed on Twitter that google pixel 7a is all set to launch in India on May 11th. The rumors were coming a long time ago, but this Google India has confirmed the launch. Google India also wrote on Twitter that it would be available on Flipkart from May 11th.

Although Google had not said on Twitter that they are launching Pixel 7a, instead, they have uploaded a blurred photo of a phone which looks similar to none other than the Google Pixel 7a. The unique blue color also indicates that it is Pixel 7a because Google marketed this phone in blue color in markets other than India.

It was clear that Google would launch a budget phone right after Google I/O. This announcement also made it clear. We may see the official announcement on Google I/O. Other announcements may be related to Android 14 and other hardware.

Rumors are speculating that Google will launch Pixel 7a for 500$. If these rumors are true than in this price, google might see a disappointing response from the customers because we have seen it before with prior phones.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

When is the expected official announcement of the Pixel 7a?

The official announcement of the Pixel 7a is expected to be made at Google I/O, along with other announcements related to Android 14 and other hardware.

What could be the response from customers if the Pixel 7a is priced at $500?

If the Pixel 7a is indeed priced at $500, it might receive a disappointing response from customers, as previous phones from Google at this price point have not been very successful.

What is the expected price of Google Pixel 7a in India?

The expected price of Google Pixel 7a is Rs 45990 in India.

Is Google Pixel 7a waterproof?

It is water resistant, but normal wear and tear can reduce water resistance.

Does google pixel 7a’s battery drain faster?

The battery of Pixel 7a is 4500mah, which is quite good.

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