Top 5 Best and Worst Things about Oneplus Phones

Top 5 Best and Worst Things about Oneplus phones

Oneplus is a Chinese brand that first started as a subsidiary of Oppo, but in less than a decade, it quickly surpassed its owner and became one of the leading brands on a global scale. Many people across the globe love Oneplus phones, and it is due to their unique charm, which is hard to resist. Oneplus offers excellent specs at a much more cost-effective price than other competitors.

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As with all other things in the world, Oneplus smartphones also have their best and worst things. Honestly, this stuff often comes down to the user’s discretion. As it is said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Top 5 best things about the Oneplus phone

Top 5 best things about the Oneplus phone

OnePlus smartphones are renowned for their impressive features, but some standout qualities set them apart. Here are some of the best aspects of OnePlus phones that make them an attractive choice for smartphone users:


Oneplus offers top-notch specs at a much better price than most other brands. The best thing is that even though it’s cheaper, it doesn’t compromise on the features or build quality of the phone. The Oneplus 11 is the best phone in its price range.


Considering performance, Oneplus is at the top of the charts. Its latest flagship phone, the Oneplus 11, could even compare to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It is currently one of the fastest phones out there. Unlike other infamous brands, Oneplus does not reduce the performance of its previous version through updates even after a new Oneplus phone is released.


One of the best things about the Oneplus phone is that it is durable and lasts long. Oneplus’ policy is to never compromise on build quality. Its build quality is comparable to that of Samsung galaxy latest models.


Even though most Android phones offer freedom to their users but Oneplus is one step ahead. Oneplus phones have one of the best customizable features in the smartphone industry.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, Oneplus doesn’t come shabby. With its huge and powerful battery, you can last a long time. Oneplus also is always one step ahead in the game of Ultra fast charging. Its fast charging speed is a tier above other phones. and it takes just a few minutes to charge fully.

Top 5 Worst Things about the Oneplus Phone

Top 5 Worst Things about the Oneplus Phone

While it’s true that there aren’t many glaring issues with OnePlus phones, it would be unfair to say that they are without any significant problems. Here are some of the major problems of Oneplus phones


Although the Oneplus phone has a great Quad camera setup, it doesn’t match its competitor’s quality. Currently, the flagship phone of Oneplus, the Oneplus 11, is a bit lacking compared to a Phone with a similar price range, such as Google’s Pixel 7. It is missing that vibrant and popping colors and that dynamic range of flagship phones.


Oneplus phones have great design overall, but this year Oneplus lagged. The fans did not well receive the Oneplus 11 back design. The Quad camera setup looked a bit too weird also, Oneplus iconic Glossy back was missing this year.

Wireless charging

Most of the flagship phones come with wireless charging. It is a feature that users deeply love. But Oneplus didn’t incorporate that in their Oneplus 11. It was a disappointment to many.

Customer Service

Customer Service has always been a negative point of most Chinese companies. Oneplus is no different. Its reputation has suffered much damage due to its poor Customer Service.


Unlike other major smartphone brands, Oneplus does not offer longtime support for Updates. However, Oneplus promises that their upcoming phones would get at least five years of security patches and security updates.

Headphone Jack

Apple started this trend way back in 2016 when they removed the headphone jack. The headphone jack is loved by many tech enthusiasts, but following Apple’s step, Oneplus also removed the 3.5 mm jack from its devices.

aside from these, there are also more worst things about the Oneplus phone, such as no support for a MicroSD card slot. It also has a lower IP rating than its competitor’s higher ratings.

Is OnePlus Really Better Than Its Android Phone Competitors?

Is OnePlus Really Better Than Its Android Phone Competitors?

Even though Oneplus is comparatively younger than most Smartphone brands. It has built its reputation and brand in the past decade with its flagship killer devices. Oneplsu does not only provide good value phones at a lower price, but it also has further tensed the competition in the market. This has made other brands lower prices to match the market. One of the redeeming factors about Oneplus is its fans. Oneplus fans have always supported the brand with their love and support.

Oneplus phone offers Solid performance for a budget flagship device. Its high-end phone is easily able to compete with any other flagship device in the market. Overall it’s a powerful phone and is easily able to compete in the tough market of Android phones.

Currently, the biggest competitor for Oneplus is Google’s Pixel phones. Google Pixel phones are around the same budget phone range as the Oneplus. Oneplus 11 is 799$ while Google Pixel 7 is listed at 899$. With this close range, it becomes very hard to compete. Still, aside from the Google Pixel, the Oneplus phones are much better than other phones in the same price range.

OnePlus vs. Its Rivals: A Deep Dive into the Pros and Cons


  • Great value for money, offering top-notch specs at a more affordable price.
  • Impressive performance that can compete with flagship devices from other brands.
  • Durable build quality that lasts long.
  • Customizable features give users more control over their phones.
  • Fast charging technology that allows for quick recharging.


  • Cameras may not be as good as other flagship devices.
  • Some users may not like the design choices made by Oneplus.
  • Lack of wireless charging in some models.
  • Poor customer service has damaged the brand’s reputation.
  • Limited support for long-term software updates compared to other brands.

Are Oneplus smartphones worth buying?

Are Oneplus smartphones worth buying?

Should you buy Oneplus phones or not? the answer to this question depends on a few factors. Your budget, your preference, and your usage style.


If you have a budget of around 700$, then Oneplus 11 is a great choice for you. It provides the same specs as the other phones but at a lower price. It is definitely one of the best budget phones.


Your preference and choice of design matter a lot, Oneplus 11 doesn’t necessarily have the best design ever. In fact, its design is a bit underwhelming.

Usage Style

If you are a person whose usage is focused on mobile photography. Then this phone may not be the best choice for you. But if you want a powerful phone which can do gaming and perform fast and snappy. Then this phone is a good value for money.


The OnePlus phone has impressive features, such as excellent performance, build quality, customization options, and long battery life. However, it has downsides like its camera quality, design choices, lack of wireless charging, and poor customer service. Nonetheless, OnePlus still provides some of the best value-for-money smartphones.

OnePlus has made a name for itself with its flagship killer phones that offer great performance at a lower price. Its phones compete with high-end devices and are highly valued by its fans. The biggest competition for OnePlus is Google Pixel phones, but OnePlus still dominates in its price range.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is OnePlus an Indian company?

Oneplus is a Chinese company. It is a child branch of Oppo.

Are OnePlus phones good?

Yes, Oneplus phones are definitely one of the best in the world. They offer excellent specs in a budget range.

Which is the best model in OnePlus?

Their latest flagship Oneplus 11, is the best model of Oneplus.

Are Oppo and OnePlus the same?

Oneplus is owned by the same company which owns Oppo. It is, in fact, a subsidiary of Oppo.

Which is the best, iPhone or OnePlus?

Of course, iPhone is the best. There is no comparison between them. Although the Oneplus is much cheaper than iPhone.

What is the advantage of OnePlus?

Oneplus provides Flagship phones at a much lower price than its competitors.

Which camera quality is best on mobile?

It is a tough competition between Apple 14 pro max, Samsung S23 ultra, and Pixel 7 pro. However, the Oneplus 11 is not too shabby.

Which OnePlus phone has a pop-up camera?

Oneplus 7 Pro had a pop-up camera setup. But due to durability issues, it was removed in later versions of the Oneplus flagship phones.

Is Realme the same as Oppo?

Realme was a subbrand of Oppo, but later they became separated.

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