Unlocking Perfection: Google & Samsung’s Android Fix

Unlocking Perfection: Google & Samsung's Android Fix
  • Google and Samsung Partner to Fix Android’s background service problem
  • Android 14 introduces streamlined background operations and an optimized broadcast system
  • Samsung’s One UI 6.0 promises improved app performance and user experience

Different devices handle background services in different ways on Android, and it is a big problem for Android. Google has some guidelines on how background services should be handled, but Android manufacturers are not using all of those guidelines. The reason why Android manufacturers are ignoring some guidelines is that they want to improve the battery efficiency of their devices, which results in providing a not-so-good experience related to background services to users unintentionally. At I/O 2022, Google announced its intention to fix the background services issue, the result of which we saw several changes for background services in Android 14. Now Google has also announced its partnership with Samsung to make the background services experience better.

In the Android Developers blog post, Google announced that it is partnering with a giant Android manufacturer to ensure uniform implementation of Android 14’s background APIs. Samsung is the first company to join Google’s effort. Through this collaboration, the Galaxy coming later this year will feature One UI 6.0. The changes made by Google in Android 14 include streamlined background operations, an optimized internal broadcast system, and revised Google Play policies to restrict device and network abuse.

Samsung’s recent announcement sheds light on their upcoming One UI 6.0, promising a significant improvement in app performance. By adhering to Android’s new foreground service API policy, apps targeting Android 14 will now function seamlessly as intended. Although the immediate impact of this collaboration may not be apparent, as developers gradually update their apps for Android 14, users can expect a vastly enhanced experience.

Samsung, known for its robust devices, unfortunately, faced challenges in the past with aggressive background app termination. These concerns became more pronounced following the release of Android 11, resulting in delayed notifications, unreliable background tracking, and other frustrations. However, Samsung’s commitment to rectifying these issues highlights its dedication to providing users with a smoother and more efficient Android ecosystem.

Android manufacturers are criticized for how they ruin Apps in the name of optimization, so Samsung and Google’s collaborative efforts to address the issue of background service termination mark a major victory for consumers, ensuring a vastly improved user experience.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the main issue that Google and Samsung are addressing?

Inconsistent handling of background services on Android.

Why do Android manufacturers ignore Google’s guidelines?

They prioritize battery efficiency, unintentionally impacting the background service experience.

What changes were introduced in Android 14 to address the issue?

Streamlined background operations, optimized broadcast system, and revised Play Store policies.

Which company is the first to partner with Google in this initiative?


What can users expect from Samsung’s One UI 6.0?

Significant improvement in app performance.

How does the collaboration benefit consumers?

It ensures a better overall user experience related to background services.

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