Unveiling soon: Pixel Watch 2 joins Pixel 8 lineup

Pixel watch 2
  • Google I/O: May 10 – hardware, software updates, product announcements.
  • Expected: Pixel 8 series launch, possibly Pixel Watch 2.
  • Rumored enhancements: modern chipset, Fitbit sensors, SpO2, skin temperature.

Google I/O is all set to happen on 10 May. Everybody has their eyes on the conference because, at this conference, Google will announce its hardware, software updates, and products. One of these products is the Google smartphone series of Pixel 8. Although these are not confirmed, reports suggest that Google will also launch the smartwatch Pixel Watch 2 along with it.

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The current Pixel watch is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 9110 chipset, which was introduced in 2018. The current chipset is way behind in efficiency and battery performance when compared to what is offered by Samsung and Apple.

According to reports, Google may use a more modern chipset to increase battery performance and overall proficiency. One of these rumors claims that Google will use a 4nm-based Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 chipset in their future wear OS devices.

Google may use sensors from Fitbit devices like Sense 2 to enhance health-related features. They also might increase the size of the watch by 41mm. Current Google watches do not support features like oxygen saturation (SpO2) and nighttime skin temperature, but Google might not need to make huge changes in its hardware in order to add these features.

The rising interest of Google in enhancing its wearable devices can have a huge impact on the market, but this impact will be in the favor of the consumer as they will see more quality wearable devices in the market.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

When is Google I/O?

It is happening on May 10.

What to expect at Google I/O?

There will be announcements about Hardware, software updates, and products.

What are other potential launches?

Another potential launch is Pixel Watch 2.

What is the current Pixel watch chipset?

The current chipset in the pixel watch is Samsung Exynos 9110.

What health features can we expect in Pixel Watch 2?

We can expect features like Fitbit sensors, possible SpO2, and skin temperature.

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