Upgrade alert: Apple Watch 9 with A15 chip!

  • Apple Watch Series 9 to feature new S9 chip based on A15 SoC used in iPhone 13.
  • Previous models had S8, S7, and S6 chips.
  • watchOS 10 may be announced at WWDC23, potential reveal of S9 chip.

Last year Apple launched its watch series 8, which was powered by an S8 chip, similar to what they did earlier. Apple powered its watch series 7 with an S7 chip and its watch series 6 with an S6 chip. According to Mark Guman from Bloomberg, Apple is all set to launch its watch series 9, which will be powered by a new chipset instead of a revamped version of the previous chipset.

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The S9 chip used in the watch series 9 will be powered by Apple’s A15 SoC which was used in the Apple iPhone 13 series. Although it is unclear how different the S9 chip would be from A15, we can anticipate that it will bring efficiency and performance enhancement.

Apple is expected to introduce watch OS10 at the developers’ conference WWDC23 which will be happening between June 5 to 9. We will wait to see whether the tech giant will announce something about the S9 chip or not.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

Which chip powered the Apple Watch Series 8?

The Apple Watch series was powered by an S8 chip.

What chip will be used in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9?

The Apple Watch Series 9 will be powered by the new S9 chip, which is based on Apple’s A15 SoC.

What other devices used the A15 chip?

The A15 chip was used in the Apple iPhone 13 series.

Will the S9 chip be significantly different from the A15 chip?

The exact differences between the S9 chip and the A15 chip are unclear, but it is expected to bring efficiency and performance enhancements.

When is Apple expected to introduce the watchOS 10?

Apple is expected to introduce watchOS 10 at WWDC23, happening between June 5 to 9.

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