Enhanced control: WhatsApp ‘Admin Review’ on Android

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  • WhatsApp’s “Admin Review”: Group admins gain control with reported messages.
  • Enhanced control: WhatsApp’s “Admin Review” empowers group admins.
  • WhatsApp prioritizes user experience with new features like “Admin Review.”

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has recently introduced new features to help group admins have more control in groups. This new feature is named as “admin review,” according to WABetaInfo. Once this feature is available, all the group members will be able to report a certain message to the group admin.

These tools provided by WhatsApp will assist administrators in maintaining a lot better control. When a group member will report a certain text as violating group rules, it will come under the review of the admin, who will be able to delete that text permanently.

According to WABetaInfo, after the new software updates, beta testers will be able to report messages in the group to the admin.

WhatsApp is working on amazing new features like these to enhance the overall user experience, which is a great thing for consumers.

Most Frequently Asked Questions;

What is the new feature introduced by WhatsApp for group admins?

“Admin Review” for enhanced control.

How does the “Admin Review” feature work?

Group members can report messages to admins for review and potential deletion.

Who can benefit from the “Admin Review” feature?

Group admins looking to maintain better control in their groups.

What happens when a message is reported to the admin?

The admin reviews the reported message and can delete it if it violates group rules.

Are all group members able to report messages?

Yes, all group members can report messages to the admin.

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