Whatsapp Beta: New Animated Emoji

  • Whatsapp is adding animated emojis to its web/desktop version using the Lottie library.
  • These animated emojis maintain high quality while optimizing their size.
  • The feature is in beta, and it may not have an on/off toggle yet.

Whatsapp has been bringing a lot of quality-of-life improvements through its updates. Especially in the last few weeks, we saw tons of new features being added to the plate. One such feature is going to be an already in-development feature on Whatsapp Web/ Desktop.

Animated Emoji is an already existing feature that exists on Whatsapp rivals such as Telegram. It’s rare to see WhatsApp copying a feature from its rivals. Usually, it’s vice versa.

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According to WabetaInfo, This new feature turns users’ emojis into short animated emojis. These animated emojis appear goofy and comical, which adds a fun element to the chat. These emojis are created by Lottie, an optimized library that allows designers to easily create emojis that are small in size but without compromising their quality.

However, this feature may not appeal to everyone, so there should be a feature to toggle it on or off in settings. But with current looks, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Anyways it’s still in Beta, which means it’s not official yet, so there may be some changes later on in the official update.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new feature being developed for Whatsapp Web/Desktop?

The new feature is animated emojis that turn regular emojis into short animated versions.

How are animated emojis created?

The animated emojis are created using the Lottie library, which allows designers to create small emojis without sacrificing quality.

Is it rare for Whatsapp to copy features from rivals?

Yes, it is unusual for Whatsapp to copy features from rivals. Usually, the opposite occurs.

What feature was added in the Android WhatsApp beta update?

The new Animated Emoji feature was added which makes your normal emojis appear as animated ones.

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