WhatsApp Simplifies Settings Menu for Users

WhatsApp Simplifies Settings Menu for Users
  • WhatsApp introduces a search option in the settings menu
  • Users can now easily find privacy options, disappearing messages, expiring groups, and contact settings
  • The update was initially released for beta users but may now be available for all users

Whatsapp has been introducing a lot of new features lately. These features have made the user experience easier and more fun. Right now, WhatsApp is the top messaging app among smartphone users. The more features mean, the more clustered the settings, so in order to avoid that, Whatsapp is unveiling the feature to search settings.

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Meta-owned Whatsapp just released the option to search for settings in the setting menu. This has made searching for settings a whole lot easier and more convenient. Before this update, users had to manually scroll through the settings like a mindless apes searching for food. But now it’s a breeze in the summer morning.

Now, whenever you are looking for privacy options, disappearing messages, expiring groups, or contact setting. You can just search for it and don’t have to go through the settings manually all the time.

According to Wabetainfo, this update was only available for beta users, but according to some users, they also received this update without being in the beta program. So it can be a server-wide release.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to WhatsApp settings?

Open WhatsApp, click on 3 dots, and you will find the setting as the last option.

Can WhatsApp read private chats?

Whatsapp chats are end-to-end encrypted, so no one can read your chats.

Is GB WhatsApp safe to use?

It’s very dangerous and can result in your data being leaked. You can also get banned from official Whatsapp.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages?

You cannot read a deleted message or restore it. However, using 3rd party apps such as GB WhatsApp is possible but risky and not recommended.

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