Chat Without Typing: WhatsApp’s New Audio Feature

Whatsapp Audio Chat Feature
  • Whatsapp is releasing a new i.e. “Chat Without Typing” feature for its Android users.
  • Audio chat is the new future of chatting.
  • New improvements on Whatsapp Windows.

Whatsapp is reportedly working on a feature that may allow users to chat without typing. ā€œAudio Chatsā€ will be available to users potentially in future updates on Whatsapp Android.

So far, we only know about it looks. The new Audio Chat will be in the waveform.

The waveform will appear when using Audio Chat. It is rumored to be placed on top of the chat head, which makes it convenient for the user. With this new addition, chat using typing is a thing of the past.

This Audio feature will not only make the app look more minimalistic and clean but will also help users to have a great time using the application.

People have high expectations for this App. The Future is looking to be promising for this application, with so many new updates and neat features.

Meta-owned Whatsapp also has been working on Whatsapp Windows. The app now allows users to have conference video calls of up to 8 people and audio calls of up to 32 people.


Audio chat is looking to be a promising feature. Whatsapp past history has been proof of its credibility in bringing new designs and features to the market. It’s good to see Whatsapp windows getting recognition too, with its new updates.

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