Sing Along with YouTube Music: Real-time Lyrics Now Available

Sing Along with YouTube Music: Real-time Lyrics Now Available
  • The live lyrics feature is becoming increasingly popular on music apps.
  • Google’s partnership with MusixMatch and LyricFind will bring real-time lyrics to Youtube Music.
  • The feature will be rolled out server-side and can be accessed by updating the music app on the Google Play Store.

At one time in our life, we all have had a moment when we are singing along to a song but can’t understand the lyrics and sing it wrong. Not gonna lie; it’s very embarrassing if you are among a group of friends.

However, this can be avoided through live lyrics. Music apps such as Spotify and Apple Music have supported this feature for a period now. On the other hand, YT music seems to be lacking behind in this compartment.

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Live Lyrics or Real-time lyrics are a feature that allows the users to read lyrics live time when the music is playing. This way, users can listen and sing along to the music.

Since last year, Google has partnered with two other services MusixMatch and LyricFind, to collaborate on Youtube Music. This collaboration will bring in features like Real-time lyrics so YT Music can keep up with music streaming services such as Spotify.

This update will roll on the server side. This means this update will be account based and will be rolled out independently. Even though it is version independent, you can try your luck by updating your music app in the Google Play Store.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a song by audio?

To find a song by audio, use apps like Shazam or SoundHound, ask Google Assistant or Siri, or try online tools like AudioTag or Midomi.

How do you find a song you don’t know the name of?

You can find the name of the song by using apps such as Shazam.

Can Google search with song audio?

To find a song, tap the microphone icon in the search bar and say, “What’s this song?” or tap “Search a song.”

When will Live lyrics come into Youtube Music App?

This update will come in Youtube Music Android in-app version 5.51.50

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